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General Sexual Difficulties

The difficulties discussed on this page are of a general nature; for difficulities relating specifically to male and female sexuality, the following links might be more useful:

Male problems   Female problems

In most cases of the problems listed here, our psychosexual specialists will be able to offer effective help ('Psychosexual' here merely means 'mind-related sexuality'). Most of the time, there is only a fee for the initial consultation if you go on to have any therapy.

Click on the links to read more about each problem.

  • Exhibitionism: Sometimes this is a need to shock; at other times it can be based on a dislike of self - it's often all about seeking validation.
  • Apparent Addiction: Although it is possible that there will be some subtle differences, it is likely that many cases of apparent sexual addiction are actually sexual obsession.
  • Post-coital Depression: So common that it might almost be considered as 'normal' this far more prevalent in the male, though females can sometimes suffer it too.
  • Post coital Guilt: Less rare than might be thought, this can affect men and women equally.
  • Masturbation Complex: Probably the commonest form of guilt complex, the masturbation complex can affect both males and females and can cause many other problems.
  • Jealousy: So common it can almost be considered a normal part of sexual life, it can sometimes get out of hand and become completely irrational.
  • Masturbation Jealousy: This can take many forms, from a firm conviction that a partner masturbating constitutes infidelity, to rage that they have not waited to share the experience.
  • Retrospective Jealousy: In this situation, one partner will start to question the sexual activity and behaviour that has existed in a previous relationship, sometimes in all previous relationships.
  • Erotomania: In this condition there is no sensation that the individual is in any way suffering... (1)

The above is not an exhaustive list of general problems relating to sexuality; this is essentially a self-help site covering only those situations which are most frequently encountered.