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About Us

Expert help with psychosexual difficulties

We can assist you in overcoming many of the sexual difficulties that are becoming more prevalent these days. Sometimes, you will find the answer you need in our FAQ file section or perhaps in one of the Articles about sexual matters; at other times you might need the professional and expert help that you can find by consulting with one of our trained Psychosexual Specialists. What is for sure is that it is almost certain that you do not have to continue to put up with your problem.


The founder and originator of the articles and many of the products on this domain is Terence Watts, one of the most respected figures in the therapy profession. Principal of the Essex Institute in Southend, Essex, UK, he is also a highly experienced therapist in private practice specialising for many years in psychosexual disorders and stress disorders arising from sexual difficulties.

In October 2007, he was awarded the prestigious MCGI - Member of the City and Guilds Institute - for his work in designing a training course for professional therapists in psychosexual dysfunction.

The MCGI is considered to be comparable to a British Masters Degree and Terence was the first (and only, at January 2008) member of the psychological profession to achieve this level of award.


As well as his psychosexual dysfunction specialist training course, Terence has written several books, manuals and other training courses as well as many articles on the subject of psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. He has lectured in many parts of the world, including Asia and the USA.

Coming into the world of therapy from an eclectic background which included: tailor, television engineer, salesman, professional ballroom dancer, computer programmer, (and a rock 'n' roller in his younger days, playing lead guitar in a variety of bands), it is fair to say that Terence is in touch with the 'real world'. He started training as a therapist in 1987 when he was 46 and within two years had embarked on a full-time career which is running to this day - and now you can find help from this acknowledged expert in the field of sexual difficulties.

Read our FAQ file, or contact one of our Psychosexual Specialists, each one trained personally by Terence Watts.