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Giving Oral to a female

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Providing a good oral sex experience for a female can make her feel fantastic. Giving excellent oral sex to a female can have her almost swooning with pleasure and believing that you are already the love-god most men would like to be! It's not unusual for a woman to prefer this to intercourse and it is certainly the case that she might well have a more powerfully intense orgasm if you learn to do your job properly. Some males find the 'aroma' of female genitals extremely erotic while others find it off-putting; also, some women worry that any smell from their genitals will put the man off her completely. If this is a problem for you or your partner, you really only have two choices:

  • Don't do oral sex
  • Share a bath or shower together first - this can provide wonderful intimacy

Perfumes and 'feminine deodorants' might well weaken or diminish the smell but they taste absolutely horrid!

As far as techniques are concerned, it is actually very difficult to do anything which will feel bad to her, as long as you respect the sensitivity of her genitals and treat her gently. Anywhere you lick, suck, swirl or tease will usually produce a rewarding response and when you've learnt a few tricks you will both experience hugely pleasurable rewards for a very long time. Just licking up and down her lips will be good but if you want to become an expert, here are some techniques for you to practice:

Four Oral Sex Techniques

The Alphabet:
With the tip of your tongue, gently and smoothly spell out the letters of the alphabet on her genitals - you can add the numbers 1 - 9 for good measure. It will become obvious which letter(s) she likes best and it will be easy for you to remember them; you might even discover that spelling words out works wonders...

Teasing the Clitoris:
This one should only be carried out when she is very turned on and very wet: gently spread her vaginal lips apart then pull back the hood at the top to reveal the clitoris... now you can drive her wild by sucking it gently into your mouth and swirling your tongue all around it. Change direction from time to time and move two fingers into her vagina - it's unlikely that she'll last long before experiencing an explosive and long-lasting orgasm.

Gently spread her vaginal lips apart and 'flicker' the very tip of your tongue all around her clitoris; every so often, trace around the inside edges of the outer lips with your tongue, keeping it moving slowly, changing direction each time you do this - never wait too long before coming back to the clitoris, though. Remember that this area is extremely sensitive and although this technique drives some women wild, others find it all too much. Start gently and if she asks you to stop at any time, do so and try one of the other techniques shown here.

Tongue Shag
Most of the pleasure sensory nerves of a woman's genitals are around the opening, in the clitoris, and in the first inch or two inside… pushing your tongue in and out of the vagina - listen to her to discover whether she wants faster or slower - can produce an intensely erotic sensation, especially if you combine it with circling around the inside of the opening.

It has been reported that sucking a mint just before oral sex will increase female pleasure - this is something you should try only after talking to her about it first.

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